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My goals from December. —

One of my goals was to decrease technology to below 5%. It now sits at 5.6% a little sad I couldn’t meet my goal but still content with it. I have no worries about what I am invested in, within this industry but I still don’t want it to be more than 5%.
I will carry this goal with me into January and should easily be able to reach it.

Real estate. I have ‘invested’ into real estate but I done it through ETF’s and RIEF’s but I want to go deeper but need to do more research for it. I’m happy for now but I think the next goal will be for March or after April because I need more information till I even try to start. Overall I think I am happy but really it’s to soon to say.

I have investments into 18 different companies. HSBC is my new highest investment. I believe this to be ok. I don’t have much to say for this but I will make a post about it later. Ko has gone down to number 2. Hormel foods is third

Hormel food is a confusing one for me. I realised that investing in US stocks, through 212, is not such a good idea because not only do you have to depend on the stock going up, but also on the exchange rate.

For example my COLA (Which is stupid because I could have done it through the UK stock, but we won’t go into that because I think ill kill someone if I do) The stock has gone up by a fair amount but my actual profit has gone down (probably due to the exchange rate.

Ill look to sell all my American stocks, on my trading 212 account, when they come into the positive. I think Ill wait for Robinhood to see what investing on their platform is like when trading across to the Us market. This also has other benefits in the future. Which ill talk about in another/different post.

Nothing else to say. I’m taking a little time off this and just watch the dividends come in 😉 I’m going to keep up with researching different companies and keep up with investing in ETF’s and bond’s etc. I don’t think I’m investing in any stock this month but I have sold a few. (BOOHOO and UBER, Iv’e kept a lot of my uber share but sold some of them).

My last goal was to diversify into 10 different sector… That is going to be a long term goal, I do a lot of research for each company I invest in and that goal was just too big. Maybe by the end of 2020 I will have 10 but for now I only have 7 (which increased from 6 in December).

Overall im happy coming into 2020 and look forward to whats coming next (I think) Or that could just be me being hopeful…

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