Stock portfolio March

The Crash!! The coronavirus has effected the stock market. Many people have panicked and sold what they have but here is what I have done…

Overall, my stocks has plummeted down to -22% (At the time I seen seen.) So why am I not worried? Do I care where my money has gone? What else I could have done with it? Of course, it almost kills me seeing my number so low but investing is best done taking the emotions out and concentrating on numbers (percentages, Business fundamentals and so on). That and to look at the positive. I have a chance to buy those stocks I would have been able to or didn’t want to before because it was priced to high.

I don’t know if I can get the Percentage or pie charts again but I will try to get them for next month. I just need a little time.

I’ll probably do a whole post about the crash later on but for now your stuck with what I did in march!

I have invested close to 50 percent of my income this month and in February. I understand this seems stupid for most people and I feel super lucky that I am able to do this and this will mean a lot of people will turn and look away or stop reading but for those who are still reading, I understand that this is because of my position but there is a chance you could save 5% or even figuring out how much you do put away. Anyway I’m rambling.

I sold nothing this month. I have gotten a rather small dividend pay out this month, but I knew that was going to happen. The bigger numbers start to come next month. But I learned my lesson from trying to swap my accounts arounds.

The dividends that came in, in febuary I put straight back into the market and bought Vanguards S & P FUTSE 100. Of course, I see a immediate loss on that but I bought it for the long term so although I think I see heaven when looking at it, I know, for the long term, it’s going to go up. It kind of self explanatory. It’s an ETF, which looks at the top 100 companies, in the UK, and spreads your money out into each one, evenly. I wasn’t going to invest in this but, this will probably do better than I ever could on the stock exchange and it doesn’t hurt to have it in my portfolio. It counts for a tiny percentage of my overall investment.

I will not invest anymore for the rest of the month and If I had to do it again I probably wouldn’t have spend anything for this month and allow the drop to continue but I believe it should start to rise again soon and I didn’t want to miss out on the rise but I think I have learned from this that I should wait and go when I think the stocks will rise with everybody else.

Biggest investment this month was a bond. James Bond….

iShares core global aggregate bond. A relativity safe place, bonds are safer than ETF and stocks. Not really much else to say about this investment but you might want to look other bonds. It’s medium risk (maybe later ill try to find a higher risk one but the reason I am investing in bonds in the first place is for that safety and lower risk.) It pays out, I believe quarterly but I can’t find how often it pays but just that I have been paid and it does supply me with a small amount of income. Of course I got to support home with iShares.

The next investment was Photo-Me international. Ii explain why in a pervious post but I wanted a few more shares. It got a high and reliable dividend (Not well covered by earning but they are projected to grow by a steady amount in the next few years). I don’t think this is a hold forever stock but looking at it, it is well under valued (like most stocks at the moment) but mainly I see a large future for the company.

The next one would be Bellway. My new investment this month. It been hit hard by this virus strike and I thought it was time to get on them. They have a high and reliable dividend, Earnings have been growing and are projected to grow in the future. The big thing is the price drop. When the next crash happens (lets be honest, people are always going to invest with their heart and not their head). I would be worried if I wanted to sell it in the future with such a big drop but I don’t plan on selling it.

I bought from the Mears group. I seen something in this company back into January and although I’m uncomfortable with the amount of money I have lost investing in this company I can be stubborn sometimes and maybe this is one of those times but I am looking well into the future for this company.

Lastly I had dividends from this month left over which I invested into global clean water ETF. I did this because I want my investment to have a positive impact on the environment and people. Clean Energy, is important. It’s a growing industry and it helps the planet. I think this is a good start to helping the environment more. As a kid I didn’t even know about much of this stuff and how we were damaging the environment. I think it’s important we look for ways of sustainability.

I am going away on holiday the end of march and beginning of April and I kind of want to leave all of this stuff here. Of course ill be brining it with me and checking in every now and then but I want to focus on the holiday and spending a little more money on that then here so I will be leaving April alone and not investing during that month but I will have a post for April. I might look back on other posts and see what I said I’d post about but never got around to it.

There is the update, peace

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