Stock update FEB

I’m having trubble getting the images of my stock in February. But work with me through this.

I bought more ETF’s and (Not a lot) bonds. Here are a list of the ones I brought (and sold withing this (and the end of last month) as a lot has changed.

I ended up selling the majority of my companies that I held a profit in as I wanted to move my money into a ISA account, which I should have done from the beginning. So I have taken a huge L this year, when it comes to stocks and investing.

The thing was I thought I should do it straight away, because of tax and all that but I don’t have that much invested and didn’t need to pay taxes on what I got which is really annoying as I am left with the ones that don’t have a profit (which in the long term doesn’t matter too much)

I’ll make a post about each of the kind of investment accounts (in the UK) there are and what there all about but that’s a latter date.

So this is advice to everyone. Don’t panic! So what if you have to pay a little extra tax for a little bit? Does that mean you got to sell straight away? Hell no. Same thing with your investments. Just because they initially go down doesn’t mean you have to sell.

I thought I understood this but I did something stupid and have learned my lesson. While still paying for it. I am making a big deal about this but in the long term it’s not that important. Just a learning curve.

Anyway here are my stocks that I brought in January/ February. Ill start with the simpler ones and go into my more complex ones and the reasons why and so on. This will only be an overview of why I am buying but ill be doing a more inadept post (hopefully) later. I won’t go through the whole selling to move the money into my ISA but I might do another post for that.


1. RIET — real estate ETF’s and stocks

I brought ISHARES UK property, Triatax big box RIET, New river RIET

I wanted to go into real estate as explained in my JAN post. I’m starting out with this. I took a second look at New river RIET and didn’t like the numbers. Their earnings have declined and their dividend isn’t well covered. As soon as what I bought went into profit I sold.

I plan on keeping both of these for a long period of time. Triatax does have it’s problems. Like large one off payments and an unstable dividend track record. I believe it to be worth the risk.

2. Uber and BooHoo

These are my only non dividend investments. I use Uber all the time and have taken time to look at their business ideas. I haven’t looked at the numbers which I am very disappointed in myself for that but I can’t see it falling. I have been correct so far. I will be keeping both till the end of the year and revisiting them then to see if I want to restart it.

3. Page Photo-Me and RPS

I have taken a L on all of these but looking for the long term for all these and can’t find a huge reason why the price isn’t going up. There all undervalued (when I bought them.) Not much else to say about these but just keeping an eye out on them.

4. Sthree, Glaxo and the rest of my ETF’s

My goal with the rest of my ETF’s is to cover the world. I have a ETF which looks at Japan (which hasn’t been doing that well) a core FTSE 100, a global bond and a FTSE all word one (I have many more but you get my point) Diversification is important for beginners (and everyone else, just more important for us)

I do this because not only is it cool to say you own something in the whole world but it allows for my diversification.

I made a mistake when it comes to Glaxo. I brought at a high, I should have waited for it to drop before buying but you learn everyday. So it has gone down by a fair amount but I am still hopeful for it to come back up in the long term so won’t be selling anytime soon unless I see a dramatic drop.

Stree is one of my positive investments. I will also be keeping this for a long time.


Those are all the ones I have invested in this month but those that I have sold include;

Tesco, Barclays, rolls Royce, genel electric (more)

I did this because of my ISA account which I have explained a s a bad idea above and don’t really want to get into this again. If I had to do this all over again I would keep those all their and only sell them when I thought I needed to and just send the money into my ISA rather than the other account.

Overall I am content with it’s progress. The money doesn’t really start to come in till April (due to ex dividend dates and so on) So I am keeping judgement till than. But I am content. The overall profit has taken hit but I know it’s going to come back up. (due to Brexit and the extreme movement in my accounts).

I am very diversified now and want to start looking into ‘extending’ my percentage into a particular company. But won’t do this to much later. I think this isn’t really an important thing but I just want to try it as you can become overly diversified (especially with all my ETF’s)

This isn’t the smartest idea for a beginner (I am not suggesting that you do this) but I believe it is important to believe in something. That could be a business, a hobby or whatever you want but going in and try to be like the S and P 500 (Another post will be added about this later on) or to be like an average investor. You know I just want to be more than that.

Future // March to April

I don’t have much for it to do in April. I am not planning to add much to it during that month. I do want to just watch what I have and maybe do some more research into the ones I am invested in but at the moment I am happy with how it is.

Not much else to say as this is very much a long term thing. I might give a small amount to day trading and give that a go (Don’t suggest it, you could lose a lot of money if you don’t know how to do it properly and even then it’s a risk) As a fun thing.

There’s the update. Peace.

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