Told you things would get better. By the end of the month I’ve gained 25% Increase. A lot of my things have turned green.

Although I am waiting to sell a few things. I learned this month I like my investments to have lower than 50% liabilities to asset ratio. This isn’t vital, but I feel a lot more comfortable with this.

I also learned I need them to have a controllable amount of debth. I’ll go into a little more detail later (I’ll probally make a new blog post for it).

I know I also said I’d relax a little but I did buy a few more stocks (A few contradict what I said above because I didn’t but the rules into place before I bought).

I have also diversified into different accounts. 212 Is amazing (Get your free stock when signing up here), and I’m not going to stop using it but… if it does fail or the company goes through a rough patch I’d rather know I have money else where so I don’t stress as much.

I don’t see them going through anything anytime soon but it’s why I diferesify my stock porfolio so why wouldn’t I do that with the brokages I use.


I’ll have a review coming out in october time for this but I’ll give you a quick pros and con list


  • It’s not free. (I’ll talk more about this in the blog post about it).


  • There is an Isa account so you won’t pay income taxes (if you decide to go with it.
  • Invest in Environmentally friendly, gender equality and improved water all at once or choose which ones you want to.

Again, I’ll go into more depth later in another post but if your looking to create an account use code christopherd9940 to plant 4 trees and a free £5 put into your account.

Now, Onto my investments this month.

Royal mail

I think this is more based on the business than anything else. It’s the UK’s letter (and soon to be parcel) kings (along with amazon).

TR properties

I have been looking to invest into riets recently and doing a little research, I found that TR properties was the closest fit to what I was looking for. The dividends is good. Future looking alright. Overall a decent investment (Touch wood).

Countryside properties

I bought this at the beginning of the month with the intention of selling it at the end of the month. I have never done this before as I am a buy and hold person who rarely sells (because of dividends) but I enjoyed doing this and I’ll try and do it again next month but it does take a lot of time. I need to catch a stock before it shoots up. It’s difficult to predict what a stock is going to do in the short term. I do this more for fun than for profit. But I look forward to learning.


I haven’t invested into an etf for a while. I was thinking about investing into a bond but I’m still young and can take a little more risk than I do so I jumped right on and bought 4. S & P 500, futse 100… All the main ones I have already invested into. I just did a little top up on each.

Photo me international

This one kind of ticked most of the boxes. It’s got diversity, people are always going to want their photo taken, There all around the world, There There Liabilities have been growing a little to much over the years but I was willing to take the risk they would stop that.

Tritax Big Box RIET

Another RIET. I already invested into this before. Riets at the moments are a little risky as we don’t fully know what going to happen to that perticular market. I just want to get into the property market and at the moment this is the best way for me to do that.

BAE system

One of the ones I kind of regret as I didn’t have the whole Liabilities rules all sorted out yet but It’s still in profit and pays a decent dividend. It is undervalued… to say I regret it is a little bit of an overstatement and I don’t have huge money invested in the company but I do wish I took that extra second to fully look over their balance sheets etc.


Most of my etf paid me this month. I reinvested it straight back into the market. I am no where near where I want or need to be when it comes to dividends but I know I will get their with time.

My stregy at this time?

I think we all get caught up the recent news (and although that is important). It’s easier to see what the market has done over the past few years (which is go up) so although these are all uncertain times and yes I have lost a fair amount of capital, because of the crash, I still believe in the market and in the companies I have invested in and realistically do you see a business like amazon or disney crashing and burning to the ground? Is it really worth betting against the economy?

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