June update 

I am not a financial advisor. Follow any things I bought this month at your own risk.

Here is what I learned in the month of june when it comes to investing and things relating to money.

I always tell people your constantly learning. What’s good, what’s bad, positives and negatives. I have been doing this for a few months now and this is a short run down on things I learnt… things I did… 

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I learnt that America is powerful. I mean power… powerful. Things that trump does… affects the whole market. That 8 out of the 10 richest people in the world are American (and that there all white men except 1😾) 

America has real power. Although I’m not really interested in the short term investing (I do a little trading on the side but that’s mostly for fun). It’s interesting that i’ve been looking to america and the amount of money they have been printing and so on and it’s been affecting my investing even though there totally different markets and there a good couple miles away…

It’s gotten me to think. Step back a little from my emotions and to try and look at it from a clear view. Yes America is powerful and yes I got investments in their market but Does the short term truly matter to me? The answer is kinda… 

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I know this isn’t helping but I am still watching things unfold and I think people don’t fully appreciate the strength of just waiting and watching the economy in general. 

When elon musk came out and said his Tesla stock wasn’t worth the price it was at. In the short term it dropped by a fair amount but now it’s back up and past the $1,000 mark. 

The truth is, I’m still considering everything that’s happening. I haven’t stopped investing… actually this month is the biggest month ever, as I’ve put away 60% of my income, but for me but it’s just an interesting time to be investing

Investing in you is a lot more important, lucrative and valuable than any stock purchase or any other kind of investment you could or can make!

Some famous guy XD

This could be as simple as getting a course on a side hustle your going to start. Or spending time learning what a good investment is going to be (learning what a good and bad stock is etc). 

If you don’t put anything aside for that, and your putting it all into the stock market… You won’t get the highest return (ROI) and won’t gain much knowledge. Try buying stuff with a purpose rather than just buying stuff with the intention of ‘investing’.

If you want to go deeper… what is the purpose of the investment. Is it supposed to last 2 years? 2 months? Do you need the money now or later… Just go deeper than the surface level.

I knew this before this month, but I know that now. Iv’e been putting in a lot more time into Inv3st and other things I want to do and allowed me to take away from what I don’t. Knowledge is power.  

Know my superficial shit is done. Let’s get into some investments… 

Aside from my auto invest apps I used (Tickr, which invests into eco friendly bonds and etfs, Moneybox, which invests into different bonds and etfs. I’ll do a whole other blog post about each one and what each one invests into but for now I’ll stick to the stocks I invested into this month). 

1- TR properties 

At this moment in time, it is risky to invest into property. No one really knows if it’s going to go up or Down or whats going to happen in general. 

My thinking is people are always going to need homes. These business and/or RIET’s contain the best in the business and I’m willing to risk that housing won’t fail and if it does that the companies I invest into know what to do when/if it does. 

Of course I’m young, so I can afford the risk. If, over the next couple months, the housing drops and I lose a lot/most of my investment into my RIET’s… than that would suck, but it would be ok. I have plenty of time to recuperate my investment and It will teach me something. 

I also always project the importance of diversification. It’s great to take risks (depending on your age and how much you rely on that money and source of income) but if that’s your only risk or your only investment, your really risking to much but I have money in bonds and in so much else that if it fails… my life and my overall investments won’t crash to 0. 

2- RPS 

Photo by RawFilm on Unsplash

I already know I’m going to regret this… But I’m supper stubborn when it comes to investing. Something I need to work on. 

I invested into this back a couple months ago (before the crash). It did alright but completely crashed and I lost 80% of my investment. My brain told me to hold… my body told me to sell… But my emotions told me you can’t take this much of an L (Which is completely wrong when it comes to investing. Never react with your emotions. Always think it out). So… ok don’t be mad… I threw a lot of money at it. Its kind of started to come back up and stabilized but I don’t hold a high hope for it. 

It’s a good company but I don’t see anyone needing expansion, environmental ‘help’ and renewable energy. 

Don’t get me wrong. I’m trying to invest into eco friendly source a little more than I am now, but I still need to be smart about it. I’m not going to be able to help the environment or anyone if I lose the capital (the money I invested). I do like this business but I don’t believe it was or is the right time to invest in it. 

Maybe I’m completely wrong and this is the one example of where you should invest with your emotions but currently I can’t see it. I’ll be sure to keep you updated with this… 

A big learning lesson… I just hope I learnt it 🙂 leave your emotions at the door, when investing. 

3- ETFs and bonds. 

I know I said I wouldn’t mention this but I should share what I’m thinking, when it comes to investing at the moment. 

Betting against the economy is like betting against America. Or betting you’ll never reach 25. Yes it might happen but is it? Just look at the history of the market. What do you see? 

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Yes there are drops and recovery periods of 25 years but I’m a long term investor. I’m not looking to put money in to become a millionaire next week. So although I like to invest into big companies… ETFs and bonds are a lot safer. You can have someone who adds and removes companies constantly with different ETFs. Bonds don’t tend to peak and drop as much as the rest. 

There is no doubt about it. Today is a crazy time. Warren Buffet is a great… probably the best investor… ever… (I say this would really researching that so take it with a grain of salt. It’s like saying Ronaldo or Messi is the best footballer but not considering Maradona or Ronaldinho or any of the legends) He is deciding to keep cash around at the moment and sell his Airport stocks 

A long and complicated question short… I, personally, won’t bet against the market. A dividend paying ETF is the best way, for me, to invest at the moment with the uncertainty clouded the world.  

Saying that here are a few of them 


One last thing. 

I found I’m watching more than learning this month. I been seeing the BLM movement happen, what Covid been doing and so on. This is an investment… Blog so I won’t comment on all that but seeing what other people are doing and what they are suggesting and saying rather than just jumping in and saying my opinion or (trying) to choose a stock without emotion. Just taking a second to sit back and take control of yourself. 

But a thing I have learnt is people use emotions to decide their decision wayyyyyyyy to much. I do like a emotional outrage as much as the next person. I’ll always laugh at those cars that get destroyed and have cheater and shit written all over it or those gamers who destroy their keyboards because the game is a mess I’ve never destroyed anything but I feel that rage… especially when they score that 90th minute winner… I’m sure some of you know my pain and if you don’t I envy you XD). But if you take a second. YOU have to pay for a new keyboard. If the owner of that car wants compensation… where do you think ‘cheater’ is going to get you to end up? 

There’s endless examples of this and I’m not innocent… my point is we need to stop and think before we do/invest. 


June overview. I put quite a bit of money into my account this month.

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