July update

Well… this month messed me up a little….

I seemed to spend a lot and save a decent amount but I am still a little embarrassed at some of the things I done. 

Without further ado. Let’s get cracking. 


My budgets in the past couple months has been super strict. I wasn’t allowed to buy alcohol, go on Amazon unless I needed to, No sweets, No spending money on useless stuff etc… 

I passed. For a while, for a couple months but as you read on… you’ll realise I messed up. 

Rather than willowing in my soul crushing failure… I stood up and looked back to see what I did wrong. 

Although I haven’t spend money on alcohol (I will the last of the month but that’s a special occasion. If your interested more about my personal life and all that check out 1rishpher0 It’s still in the works)

I went onto Amazon. I didn’t buy anything I didn’t need but everyone knows what Amazon is like. But anyway. My point is don’t tell yourself you can’t do something. If going onto amazon and spending money on useless stuff is for you… (no judgements here 😆) Put money aside for it. If it’s owning a motor bike or mountain bike and going every weekend. Put some money away for a new bike or new tires or chains etc. 

A budget is meant to help you to have control and be the control of your finances not turn you into the biggest frugal known to man.


This month was a bad one for me. I still stayed away from things I don’t need (I mean the useless stuff), but I spent a lot this month. Saying that too I invested a lot and got the money from outside investments. I counted it all up, and I didn’t reinvest what I already had invested. 

This is a big lesson. A budget is there for a reason and ignoring it has consequences. It’s the same with working out at the moment, although I do have an injury, My body gone on the fat side 😢 Butthat’ss not what this post is about. I ‘relapsed’ this month and it feels like a lot of the ‘progress’ of 2020 has gone. I know it hasn’t and I think I’m back to work now but it just seems to happen. I go hard for a couple weeks and boom. Again that’s not what this about so let’s continue…


I have learnt to let go of some of the negative stocks I bought before. Some of them are probably the wrong time to sell but they no longer fit my criteria. I need to accept that my earlier choices were no wear near there best, rather than holding on to a lost stock. The money left over has gone to other stocks and etfs. (I know I’ll speak about that later…) 

Halfords was the one to teach me this. I already believed it was a lost stock but it jumped up into the green and I was about to sell it but I said I wanted a certain number and the green was just under that number, this is with me knowing it’s not the best stock to own. (There is no financial advice in this blog post).

 So I held onto it. I know… I should have sold it but I didn’t because of my greed. I forgot the no1 rule of investing… don’t lose money and no 2 for that matter. 

It is what it is at the end of the day. This month just hasn’t been the best for me. My acne has come back stronger than ever but I’m not here to moan.

My finances so with that said let’s get into this and see the stocks and ETFs I got. 

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How this one word changed my financial situation… Inv3st

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  1. How this one word changed my financial situation…
  2. Why you'll never be Rich

China ETF 

I have been reading up on China’s economy and they looked after Covid rather well… They look to be on the rise while everywhere else seems to still be… meh. 

I mean it does mix a little with my values but my defence of that is I’m still learning. Which, is a very poor excuse… I know. I’ll work on it. My believe is in people. I can’t condemn a whole countries economy because I feel a certain way. To that point I don’t have proof of anything and I don’t have both sides of the story. (Which I should have gotten). The world (and the rich) do tend to get that way (especially in the past) Ignoring other sufferings and I don’t want to be that person. 

I want all my investments to be ethical. 

let me explain more… It’s more the communist party and the power they have. The things that ‘happened’ to reports over in China when they were independently reporting on Covid and the general state of China. Where concentration camps are still a thing… what happening to gays and all that. 

Again! I don’t have both sides and that could just be the UK and US media making me believe their propaganda. 

 This could just be the media and I can see why my opinion on this might be Bias so rather than attacking or shutting me down you might want to explain the situation a bit better to me. (Please don’t shoot me China XD) 

I don’t want to get into my views on here as this is just a finance channel (if you do want that head to 1rishpher0, linked above). 

S&P 500 

I have spoken about this before and I will again so Ill gloss over it now. I tend to just put the excess into it. I don’t think you can go that wrong with it. 

Ishares Uk dividend 

This shouldn’t really surprise as I am a dividend investor. I’ll be doing a post on all the different ETFs I own and what’s in each one and what fees are in each one and so on. 

Stay tuned for that. 

Now that etfs are done lets move to stocks… 

I should explain my self first. In one of my last post I talked about what I am investing in in the long term. I talked about gold silver (commodities) and bitcoin. I did invest into bitcoin but it’s coming up on that 5% of my total investments and for me… to increase it over that is too risky. I was going to invest into my emergency fund this month but I feel on hard times and needed to take from it… again. 

I know I should stop investing and starting living frugally. I will be doing that next month but we move. 

I am still comfortable with what’s in it and there is no need to panic or anything but I need to start to stick to my budget more now but that’s what every person does. 

Anyways… you didn’t come for a life update. Here’s what I bought and later on we will be discussing what I sold and why. 


With schools, class and just about everybody I know starting to use Zoom. It’s profit margins are only going to rise. 

I believe the work ‘system’ (for lack of a better word) is and has changed forever. Some people aren’t going to want to travel 1–3 hours to work. I know that’s how I felt when I went to college that far. People have been given the option to work at home and a lot of people will want to keep it that way. 

Zoom seems to be leaders in this sector. It works well. Rather simple format to learn and understand. Meeting no longer need to be in person. Like 212, they need to find a better ‘paid’ service which works and the company doesn’t come with it’s downsides but I believe this stock is going to be mental in the future. I did jump on the train a little late but I will be looking to buying more in the short future. 

I will also be looking out for other services that do online meetings and that (google and google drive and gmail could all be one but that’s a conversation all on it’s own). For now Zoom seems to be the leader in it’s undiscovered field. 


I did talk about this before, in a past month, so I’ll keep this short. I still believe in this company. I was disappointed it cut a dividend but we keep moving and I believe the dividend will come back stronger. 

Borussia Dortmund

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I only did this because I love football and I wanted to say I own a part of a football club (I did take a look at their finances and there okay…) I have an idea of the german league and although there not the best team and don’t have the biggest budget and all that. I believe there a good team. There one of the only teams (in the german league) which can compete with Bayern Munich but compete is a strong word… 

I like owning a part of a football club. Football has been close to my heart for a while now and I enjoy to play it. I invested a small amount of money into this and I don’t really count this as investment money more as fun money. (I also own juventus buts that is a longer conversation). 

I would like to own a prem team. United are on their but there a CFD. I don’t trust them. I make jokes about them from time to time but they spent huge money on players like sanchez and kept him as a bench warmer for most of the year. Same with lingard. There roster is big but I bet you guys don’t want to talk football… Lets move on. 



This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 0*_g_adB_9qmBp2lEV

It’s debt. Even before the ‘crash’ it had high debt and that’s something I don’t want in a company. It’s income has gone up a lot in the last year but there liabilities hasn’t gone down. 

There cash flow is relatively stable and in the positive. It’s not a bad stock. I just feel,especially with the economy the way it was and what just happened 96% as a debt to asset ratio is terrible and I see there 2020 margins taking a hit. 

I tend to aim for around/below 50%. Anything above 90 I don’t really want to touch anymore and more or less want/will sell. 

If I kept it for a while I might get a little bit more back than what I lost and I probably would if the economy didn’t go boom but I don’t like it. I am a little bit of a hypocrite as I do have other investments that have close to 90% but I’m slowly getting rid of them and bringing in the ones above. 

This is probably one I should have kept, at least a little longer. But we live and learn. 

It’s debt to asset is at 60% so not near other companies. I think I judged it on the amount I lost (or was losing) on it and decided I didn’t want to lose anymore. Yes, my mindset has completely changed… more on that in a later post. 

I kinda went on a real organising of my investments this month. Taking from moneyboxx and moving some of it into this account. Selling those stocks that no longer fit to profile and getting others that do. 

Things I realised…

I am no pro. I am very much still learning and for now I think, aside from a few stock I believe in, I think I’m going to stick to ETFs and keep an eye on the market and that but I keep telling myself that and then bam. I invest. Anyways I think this month I fully learnt that you need to at least, have an idea of what your investing into. EVen when it comes to ETFs. Do you know what the S&P 500 is? If not is it smart to invest into? Do you actually know what Zoom is? Do you use it or would you use it if you were in that ‘industry’ (I know it’s not just one industry and a lot of people use it across different industries but it’s just an example). Could you invest into tech? Do you know how to work a computer? Do you understand the difference between android and apple. 

Do your diligence, even if it’s a small investment, your future self will tank you. 

What is it you know and believe in? 


Do you think America will go up in the near to far future? Finding a ETF for that or stocks for that. Do you think Emerging Markets will catch up with America and the Uk and all that? Than finding an EM ETF/Stock is what you should be looking for. 

Think Japan will get out their rather flat… ‘performance’ Look for a japanese ETF. I could go on but you get the point. What do you think the future holds? Go and research it and see if you can invest into it. 


Are you a engineer? What company been blowing up at the minute and is it just hype? Do you work for a PTC? Are you a tech person and see the next playstation or apple (That involves a lot of risky, as it is almost impossible to judge or guess, again… This isn’t financial advice just what I learnt). Did you spot Zoom before it blew up? Are you a into sodas? Is there a company, no matter the price, that you go to for a beverage? Can you invest into them?  

Me, personally, I love football. In the German, Italian, Spanish or in the English. I know who are the top teams (in the major leagues +championship). Yes not every club is out there to buy and the team I support does mix things up for me but I know football. I know Dortmund are good (sort of debatable, They wouldn’t be in the top 10 but they would make top 20). 

Same for you. Are you a sports person? Is there a team or sport you follow and know whos ‘top’ dogs are or who you think will improve. This might involve extra research like whos their teams manager or whose their coaches are but don’t just throw what you already know to the side and try go for the next apple when you don’t own or know how to use a smartphone. 

Before, investing was held for the top people or business but the average person can almost put their money where ever now. That means extra risk but it also means you can use your knowledge to the best of your ability and invest into companies like Dortmund, when… before… they were reserved for companies like American express (who invest a huge amount into Man united). I mean your not going to be on their shirts or a banner in their stadium but you can still reep the rewards along with them. 

I am also begging to learn about what’s needed and what isn’t. I bought 2 speakers this month (please, I judge myself enough for this) But once I had them I asked myself ‘why 2’ Why not join those prices together and buy a better 1. 

Anyway, I finding out and have been living the minimalism life for a while now but my fundamentals still don’t have that. (I mean I had a reason to buy 2. My computer needs one as at the moment I can only use headphones and I also wanted one to take on hikes and bike trips but that here nor there). 

I thought I was a minimalist. But it seems I still haven’t shaken the ‘need/want’ for… stuff. 

The last thing I want to share is a budget. There is no point in having a budget that too constricting. One day your going to rebel against it (as I did this month) and go on a bit of a spending spree. That’s going to ruin a lot of your progress. You need ‘fun money’ just as much as you need FU money just as much as you need ‘essential’ money (I’ll break all these down in later posts but know, if you love or want to buy something bring that into your budget). 


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