Going through changes! (Upgrades)

You’ve probably seen a reduced amount of Blog posts and podcasts from inv3st.

I don’t want to lie to you. We did take some time off but I have also been doing a lot of upgrades and background stuff which will be taking place soon. Hopefully you’ll see a big, positive, change with the website, Blogs and podcast in the coming weeks. I am planning huge upgrades. The whole process is so exciting and I know you’ll all love it… after it’s done.

That’s why our Podcasts have stopped for the time being and our Blog posts haven’t been as active/ frequently as usual.

Don’t worry we are moving forward! Some exciting times to come! I will get back into some kind of form and start sharing more!

For now, I will be still posting but I will be changing to focus on the upgrades. Thanks to everybody whos been liking, sharing and commenting! It means a lot.

I want to start taking this a little more seriously and hopefully the upgrades will improve the quality, quantity and presistence of the content. It’s all love and I’ll be back stronger than before.

Blog posts will be every second day, with this site getting the 24 Hour priority over my medium platform. Podcast will be every Monday and friday… My Budget will be available… Everything is going to get better!

For now I will be posting Blog posts as regularly as I can but the podcast needs to take a small hit. Hope you all understand.


Published by 1rishpher0

I am the writer and creator of Inv3st, a money blog. I also operate a private account, 1rishpher0, which talks about real world issues, me as person and anything else we want to talk about or expose! (aside from money and investing as that's done on Inv3st).

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