July update

Well… this month messed me up a little…. I seemed to spend a lot and save a decent amount but I am still a little embarrassed at some of the things I done.  Without further ado. Let’s get cracking.  Budget  My budgets in the past couple months has been super strict. I wasn’t allowed to buyContinue reading “July update”


June update  I am not a financial advisor. Follow any things I bought this month at your own risk. Here is what I learned in the month of june when it comes to investing and things relating to money. I always tell people your constantly learning. What’s good, what’s bad, positives and negatives. I have beenContinue reading “June”

Stock portfolio March

The Crash!! The coronavirus has effected the stock market. Many people have panicked and sold what they have but here is what I have done… Overall, my stocks has plummeted down to -22% (At the time I seen seen.) So why am I not worried? Do I care where my money has gone? What elseContinue reading “Stock portfolio March”

Stock portfolio JAN

My goals from December. — One of my goals was to decrease technology to below 5%. It now sits at 5.6% a little sad I couldn’t meet my goal but still content with it. I have no worries about what I am invested in, within this industry but I still don’t want it to beContinue reading “Stock portfolio JAN”

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