Personal Finance

I never thought I would do something like this… but here I am.  I’m going to take you through everything I am currently invested in. I’m going to leave out individual stocks and shares as that post would take forever, but I will show you who I got money with and why. From my largestContinue reading “Personal Finance”

Why I’m a dividend Investor

In this article I will be telling you my investing story so far and what has led me to be (mostly) a dividend investor.  To really dumb it down… passive income  As I’ve stated in other article, blog and podcast posts… I love passive income. My first taste of it was through dividends.  I’ll tryContinue reading “Why I’m a dividend Investor”

My most recent investment!

Bellway Business Bellway is one of the UK’s leading housebuilders. Many of the group’s developments are situated on brown field land, areas earmarked by the government for urban renewal. Dividend yield 5.8% — Might be high for some people I Aim for 3-6% Safe Dividend? They have been paying and increasing their dividend for theContinue reading “My most recent investment!”