Getting started is often the hardest part of investing so I have linked together with the companies listed below to help! You can get a free stock, an extra bit of cash and in some cases help plant trees!

Save money (or get free money) Using the buttons/links below!

Trading 212

The Best Uk broker and the one I personally use. Commision free trading site with a grate app!
Get a free stock worth up to £100.00 when you use the button below or link above.

Invest into the American stock market from outside of the US. Uk, Ireland all the way to Australia and new zealand.

You get a free share in nike, Dropbox or Gopro (worth around 100$) if you use the link above or button below

W Invest sustainably with ease with tickr. Choose gender equality, disruptive technology and/or climate change.

Get £5 (sometimes £10) when you use code: christopherd9940 and help plat 4 trees!

The NO*1 place for bitcoin investing (I talk in depth on a few blog posts so console them before deciding to invest in bitcoin)

get £100 of any currency and get £10 added to your account, when you open an account using the link above or button below.

Ali express
Served warm with honey and Much cheaper than Amazon!

Get a £19.41 cupon with the button below or link above.

Find a discount for many of the top brands! (Macy’s, Udemy, Microsoft and much more)!
Add it to your google extension and watch your money being saved when you shop online!

Get 500 gold when you use the buttom below or the link above!

Redeem your Gold for gift cards from stores like Target, Amazon, and Nike.

Transfer Wise
Hate the bank/post office rates when you change currencies? Do a lot of business/transactions overseas? Transferwise beats the bank and is the simplest way to send money with different currencies.

A free fee up to (Insert your currency here)(£)500 with the button below or link above.

A cheap, well rounded investing company.

No discounts or offers with them… sorry. ):

I do talk about them a lot so I thought I’d add them here!

An auto invest app, which allows you to invest without the effort and stress of choosing your own investments.

Use my link to help out the content and helps me to create more!

Chip is an app that automatically saves up money for you. So you have something put aside for the rainy (and sunny) days.

Use code: 35VD9VD5

..A different way to travel. Share a ride with someone, travel to and from places at a better rate. A modern day taxi service.

Use code fee3wf

Get a discount on your first ride with my code above!

(Scroll down to the bottom of the website and you’ll find a link to download the app)

Uber eats
… Sad your favorite restaurants or fast food places don’t do deliveries? Right to your door? Uber eats is good for you.

Use code: eats-fee3wf

Get £10 off when you spend £15+ with the code above.







We have linked together with a number of different companies to offer you discounts/ free stocks.

many of these links give me a small commission, which helps our site grow at no extra cost to you! It’s a win, win!

Be sure to read the platform terms and conditions when/before you sign up.

Check my disclaimer as it applies here too!

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