Passive income

My portfolio of passive income sources. Little, small and low at the moment but my main goal is to have at least 4 by the end of 2020. I will be posting each one and how I plan on growing them by the end of 2020.

The different passive incomes I have…

Dividend Stock Investing

My first passive income.

Here is the link to my monthly updates and what I have done in the stock market in the last couple months!

Non-Fiction and Fiction books!


Get a free stock share worth up to £100!

Create a Trading 212 Invest account using the button above and get a free share to start your passive income!

Affiliate Program

I only recently started doing this. So there will be no review or post about it till, later when I build it up to something I am proud of.

Keep up to date with this as I will keep adding to it.


How I plan on growing each one

This section I will talk to you about profit. Was it worth it. what I learned and so on.

The section will be added late 2020 as I am only starting/ recently started each one so I can’t tell how worth it my ‘investments’ have been.

Let’s build something for the future.

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