Stock portfolio

Mothly updates

The button below will take you to all my monthly stock updates.

I go through what I got, my mistakes, what I have sold (if anything), my mindset. I try to post them at the end of each month

Break down of all my stocks, Etfs and Bonds

In the future I will have a section on my website which will break down each investment I have. Numbers, purpose of the investment, percentage of overall investment and so on.

In the process of making this…







This is not fully accurate. I invest into ‘auto invest systems’ which invest into different etfs and so on with my full control over it. These numbers don’t include these


I have 2 purpose for my stock investments. In the future I want it to become a steady source of income for me. I take a look at it once or twice a week but it shouldn’t take up much of my time. A solid source of income is my main goal.

Of course another goal is to get a larger return on my investments! But that’s why everyone invests!

I invest with 2 different brokers trading 212 and Stake.

I also use 4 different ‘auto invest’ apps. Moneybox, tickr (Use code: christopherd9940 for £5 and for the company to plant 4 trees), Chip (Use code 35VD9VD5 for a free £5 boost) and last but not least Plum.

I use a lot of different auto invest sites, and all for different reasons.

Find out other platforms I suggest, have used in the past or am thinking of using on my Discounts page. Where (for some) you will be able to find free stocks, plant trees and get other bonuses or discounts when setting up an account.

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