How to plan it, my plan (and viewpoint) on retirement.  I hated school. Almost everything about it. That’s another post, but it’s main message was you get a job for so many year then retire and live off the money you have saved up and then do the things you want to do.  I don’tContinue reading “Retirement.”

8 Financial skills to learn now!

I got this idea from Danny Forest Blog post; 8 Timeless Skills to Learn Now in Under 8 Hours to Change your Life Forever! It’s an amazing 17 minute read if your interested but he talked about life advice and skills. I got a rush of creativity and passion (for lack of a better word).Continue reading “8 Financial skills to learn now!”

A Beginners, beginner guide to investing UK

How to invest for beginners in the UK.  When I started investing (just about a year ago) I heard about ISAs, investing accounts, commissions, fees… the list went on. I felt like I was never going to learn it all. Or anything at all.  I’ve talked before in my ‘things I wish I knew about money’ Continue reading “A Beginners, beginner guide to investing UK”

July update

Well… this month messed me up a little…. I seemed to spend a lot and save a decent amount but I am still a little embarrassed at some of the things I done.  Without further ado. Let’s get cracking.  Budget  My budgets in the past couple months has been super strict. I wasn’t allowed to buyContinue reading “July update”

Things I wish someone taught me, growing up, about money.

I am not a financial adviser. Do not blame me for decisions you make.  Okay. Were going to get a little deep with this one. I’ll give you a quick overview of what I’m going to talk about than were just going to get right into it.  I’ll mention what I was thought about moneyContinue reading “Things I wish someone taught me, growing up, about money.”

My top 10 purchases, in my teenage years!

I will be turning 20 in October, so this is a little soon but I given this a lot of thought and decided…. why not? Let’s me get into things I spent my money on and look at the bad and good.  This time I’m going to try have it in a certain order. TheContinue reading “My top 10 purchases, in my teenage years!”

How to build wealth

I won’t be focusing on income here, I’ll mention it but as we all should know; if you want to build up your wealth, improve/increase your income. I have another post/podcast planned for that.  So without further ado let’s get into this…  Step 1 Before we start invest… Go through your expenses! Where is yourContinue reading “How to build wealth”

Personal Finance

I never thought I would do something like this… but here I am.  I’m going to take you through everything I am currently invested in. I’m going to leave out individual stocks and shares as that post would take forever, but I will show you who I got money with and why. From my largestContinue reading “Personal Finance”


June update  I am not a financial advisor. Follow any things I bought this month at your own risk. Here is what I learned in the month of june when it comes to investing and things relating to money. I always tell people your constantly learning. What’s good, what’s bad, positives and negatives. I have beenContinue reading “June”

Warren Buffett, inspired, Questions…

This is what I get from Warren Buffet. Questions I think he asks himself before deciding to invest into a company or a questions he ahs in the back of his mind when looking a a company. 1. Do you think the company will be around in 10 years? If so will it be profitableContinue reading “Warren Buffett, inspired, Questions…”