8 Financial skills to learn now!

I got this idea from Danny Forest Blog post; 8 Timeless Skills to Learn Now in Under 8 Hours to Change your Life Forever! It’s an amazing 17 minute read if your interested but he talked about life advice and skills. I got a rush of creativity and passion (for lack of a better word).Continue reading “8 Financial skills to learn now!”

A Beginners, beginner guide to investing UK

How to invest for beginners in the UK.  When I started investing (just about a year ago) I heard about ISAs, investing accounts, commissions, fees… the list went on. I felt like I was never going to learn it all. Or anything at all.  I’ve talked before in my ‘things I wish I knew about money’ Continue reading “A Beginners, beginner guide to investing UK”

July update

Well… this month messed me up a little…. I seemed to spend a lot and save a decent amount but I am still a little embarrassed at some of the things I done.  Without further ado. Let’s get cracking.  Budget  My budgets in the past couple months has been super strict. I wasn’t allowed to buyContinue reading “July update”

Things I wish someone taught me, growing up, about money.

I am not a financial adviser. Do not blame me for decisions you make.  Okay. Were going to get a little deep with this one. I’ll give you a quick overview of what I’m going to talk about than were just going to get right into it.  I’ll mention what I was thought about moneyContinue reading “Things I wish someone taught me, growing up, about money.”

Marriage and money

Thinking of getting married? Take a look at what happens to your finances here so you cam make the correct decision. There are plenty of benefits of marriage but I will be looking into positives and negatives when it comes to money and marriage, as the title suggests. You’ll need to keep the emotional sideContinue reading “Marriage and money”

Personal Finance

I never thought I would do something like this… but here I am.  I’m going to take you through everything I am currently invested in. I’m going to leave out individual stocks and shares as that post would take forever, but I will show you who I got money with and why. From my largestContinue reading “Personal Finance”